Peer-Review Process

The peer-review process aims to produce qualified and original studies. All studies to be published in Boyabat Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences e-Journal go through the peer-review process detailed below.


All articles submitted to Boyabat Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences e-Journal are subject to preliminary evaluation by the Editor and Editorial Board. The preliminary evaluation is a review of whether the article is appropriate for publication in Boyabat Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences e-Journal in terms of scope, scientific method and author guidelines. Articles in which these criteria are not fulfilled are rejected before the peer-review process begins. At this stage, it cannot be decided by the editor to publish any article without reviewer reports.

Review Policy

Boyabat Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences e-Journal adopts the double-anonymized peer-review process in which reviewers and authors are hidden from each other in principle.

Reviewer Evaluation

After the pre-evaluation phase, the articles will be sent to at least two reviewers, provided that they are from outside the institution, determined by the Editor and/or Editorial Board. If necessary, the number of reviewers may be increased by the Editor and Editorial Board. The reviewers are selected based on their professions.

The reviewers will evaluate the manuscripts in terms of originality, method, contribution to the field, consistency, results and ethical principles. As a result of the evaluation, the reviewers may accept or reject the studies, or they may request revision. In order to a study to be published, it must be accepted by at least two reviewers. If one of the reviewers accepts and the other rejects it, the study will be sent to a third reviewer for evaluation.

The revised manuscripts will be sent back to the Editor/Editorial Board within one (1) month at the latest. If the revisions are not completed within one-month, the study will be removed from the process. After the corrections of these studies removed from the process, a reapply can be made for publication in the following issues of the journal.

Final Evaluation

The final evaluation of all the studies accepted by the reviewers will be made by the Editor. At this stage, the studies that have been decided to be published will take their place in the publication order.

Plagiarism Policy

The articles submitted to the Boyabat Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences e-Journal will be screened for plagiarism. Accordingly;

    • If the overall similarity rate is higher than 20%, the studies will be sent back to the author(s) without being included in the peer-review process. In this case, studies can be edited and re-submitted by the author(s) within one month.
    • The similarity rate from one source must not be higher than 5%.
    • Regardless of the similarity rates obtained, the studies will be removed from the evaluation process when the parts taken in blocks from a source are determined in a way that does not comply with the citation techniques.

Open Access

Open Access means that “the literature that has been evaluated by the reviewers are freely accessible, readable, downloadable, copyable, distributable, printable, scannable, indexable and usable for all kinds of legal purposes through the internet without financial, legal and technical barriers.” No fees are charged to the authors for Open Access. Boyabat Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences e-Journal, which operates as an electronic journal, adopts a publishing approach with an Open Access policy.